What is a Doona Cover?

What is a Doona Cover?

Like many visitors to Australia, I also heard someone refer to a Doona or Doona Cover for the first time, I had no idea what they were talking about. In fact I think it's probably been less than few years ago that I first heard of a Doona and I'm in my late twenties. So, I suppose that I'm not the only person who hadn't heard of a doona or a doona cover or had the idea of where to buy one from. For those of you that still don't know, it's a bedding item. Coming from a tradition where I had bed sheets, blankets, quilts, quilt covers and bedspreads I was really somewhat astonished when I started to dig deeper about the idea of a doona or doona cover.

So, the word doona is derived from Spanish and used distinctively in Australian English. The word originally means a bag filled with feathers or other materials to be used on a bed. This type of bedding originated from Europe and observers from other places found it quite unusual at first. One writer went so far that he commented that it is ridiculous to sleep on one mattress and cover with another. This was essentially the doona and it was used in place of separate sheets and quilts or blankets. So you may see that the doona has some advantages, if nothing else it makes the task of making the bed cozy and comfortable extremely easy and straightforward.

Doona Covers are simply designed to be decorative or protective coverings for the doona. They come in many sizes as the doonas and a range of designs and styles to complement the room decor. Some doona covers come with the idea of preventing dust mites or bacteria from entering into the filling of the doona. They may come in cotton, polyester, silk and other materials to match different tastes and preferences of different people. They even come in different colors and designs to help people match the decor of their bedrooms or even to make over their decor with a new doona cover.

In many places in Europe it's even common for two, single size doonas to be placed on a queen or larger size beds. One advantage of this approach for couples is that they can have individualized thicknesses of the doona and it also solves the everlasting problem of one person stealing the doona from the other while asleep. Did I say different thicknesses? Yes, doonas and doona covers can have different warmth levels and thread count respectively. Now a days the filling of a doona doesn't have to be down, but can be any other material which has been tested provide good heat insulation and traps it within itself. Wool is the all time winner, however man made fibres like polyester and viscose can provide equally good comfort.

fiber that is used for quilting material from man made to natural materials the variety is really up to the preference of the buyer. Some will want to avoid down for allergy reasons for instance.

So now you can no longer claim that you don't know what a doona or a doona cover is. This type of bedding that was once uniquely Australian has now made it literally around the world and it will go by different names. In some places it's known as a duvet, others as a dyne or quilt. Whatever the name, for most of us it means warmth and comfort!

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